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Photo Gallery - Marching Banner Frames & Stands
These are some photos and diagrams of our marching banner deluxe frame and our deluxe marching banner frame stand.  See photos below.

Note that the frame is constructed of 1" diameter silver anodized aluminum.  The two horizontal frame bars come in two pieces. They have a screw joint for easy attachment. The frame corners come complete with six T-connectors
which are tightened with an allen key. 

The frame includes two handle bars with handle grips. The frames come in three sizes for 6', 8' and 10' marching banners.
For appropriate use on your exisiting or custom-made  marching banner, the banner must have a frame sleeve sewn
onto the backside of the lining so that the lower horizontal bar of the frame may be inserted.

Closeup of frame inserted through the frame sleeve of banner

Banner mounted on marching banner frame, which in turn is mounted on the the marching banner frame: Front side is shown on the left and backside is shown on the right. Note that a frame sleeve has been sewn to the backside of the lining on the banner to accomodate the lower horizontal crossbar of the banner frame. This will stabilize the banner when it is carried in the wind; only the lower section of the banner will move in the wind leaving the basic layout of the banner highly visible to the eye and managable when carried.


Marching Banner displayed using deluxe frame stand - back side (see frame is inserted through back frame sleeve)
Banner also features back presentation panel
On the right side is a more detailed view of a presentation panel which has been placed on the backside of the banner. On the right side is a picture of the marching banner components. In this picture you will see the vertical sidebar of the banner frame with t-connector mounted, the handle bar and the ends of the top and bottom horizontal bars protruding fromt the banner sleeves.

Closeup of frame inserted through the frame sleeve of banner.

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